Prepare Program – Newsletter & Pictures of the Week!


Friday 16th September

What a fantastic week in Prepare!

We are so proud and excited to see the progress all of our children have made this term.

This week it was all about celebrating! The children enjoyed an end of term party and of course lessons were incorporated in to this.

The children worked on:

  • Playing party games and coping with winning and losing
  • Being social in a party situation
  • Keeping themselves calm and not getting over excited
  • Listening and paying attention to directions
  • Coping with the different range of activities that can happen at a party and also the fast pace of a party.
  • Sensory sensitivities (such as balloons)

One of the activities the children loved was making their own party game which was also designed for them to give to a friend.  They loved this !

Here are some pictures from the day

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Friday 9th September

It was a great day today.  We were all so impressed with the children’s ability to transition from one activity to another. They are able to be more independent in transitioning with less adult direction. This is such an important skills for school. In such a big class the children need to be able to move from one activity to another easily and independently. They need to be able to move from inside play to outside play as well.

Here is a picture of the children lining up ready to go out for morning play


Playing with others has also been an important goal for all of the children. Their ability to play a game independently has been incredible to watch.


Literacy continues to be a an important and integrated part of the weekly program. Here is Ollie working on the letter ‘l’.  Sound/Letter link is an important pre reading skill.