Prepare Program – General News


Friday 16th September

What a end to a busy term! The children have worked so hard and we are all so proud of the progress they have all made. Our team at Chatterbox all play at part in the Prepare Program and we all celebrate the progress each child makes. It has been a privilege to be part of their journey so far and we are all so excited for Term 4.

During Term 4 parents will be given the opportunity to have a formal catch up with Kayla to discuss transition goals. Reports and communication with your child’s school will also start to occur. Your child would have begun school orientation and we ask that you let Kayla know how they are going with this progress.

For those children not attending school in 2017 and would like to return to Prepare in Term 1 2017 we ask that you let Robbi know ASAP and fill out the required form. The program is becoming very popular and spots are limited. We are unable to hold spots for children and you must fill out required forms in order to confirm your child’s spot in next year’s class.

We hope you enjoy your school holidays and see you in two weeks!

Term 3

Wow what a term for our Prepare kids!  The progress our Friday kinder class have made is amazing!  The children  have been working hard on more challenging tasks such as transitioning from one activity to another, sticking to a schedule, completing table top activities and becoming more independent with getting their lunches, packing their bags, going to the toilet.  All of these skills are so important for starting Prep.

Kinder visits should be well underway and Kayla and Marise would have spoken to parents about these visits.

School orientation has began for many of the children and we are happy to hear that it has been going well.

 Term 4

A new session has now been opened from 9-3pm and we are currently taking new enrolments.  Only 7 spots remaining!