'Watch Me Grow' Group Therapy

Chatterbox offers a range of Social Skill and Development Play Groups.

Why Group Therapy?

Small group therapy is a wonderful way for children with language and social challenges to reach their goals in a fun and motivating environment. It can minimize some of the challenges of individual and home based therapy and can also be an important part of providing a holistic approach to a well rounded therapy program. We provide your child and family the skills, guidance and support they need as they evolve into functional and happy older children and ultimately happy adults.

Who Is Suitable?

Group therapy is appropriate for children diagnosed with disorders such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, social- emotional difficulties, language delays and other children disorders. Normal developing children can also benefit from social skill groups.

Why Choose Chatterbox Groups?

Our groups are designed to help your child develop their skills from 3 years of age right through to 12 years of age. Each group is tailored to engage your child’s developmental skills in response to the milestones they are supposed to be achieving.

Unlike other clinic, Chatterbox has the advantage of a full size classroom that mimics a normal kinder or school room as well as a large gym/play area. This allows the opportunity for children to transfer their skills across to school and home.

Our groups evolve with your child’s changing needs and interests. ‘Watch me Grow’ is designed to let your child automatically progress through each group stage. Feedback is given to parents following each group session.

Our Staff

Our expert therapy team have been trained in group therapy. They have expertise working with a range of different children. Our staff work as a team. From our therapists to our educational staff to our allied health support staff, every team member is aware of each child in each group. Discussions about individual children including their learning goals are spoken about before each group. These goals will be reviewed after each group, feedback given to parents and goals may be altered individually as each week progresses.

How To Enrol

To enrol your child into a ‘Watch Me Grow’ group program as a current Chatterbox client please speak to your current therapist. For new clients, please call our friendly reception staff on 94672642 to make an initial appointment. During this appointment our therapy staff will determine whether your child is appropriate for group and which group is most suitable.

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