Toddler Groups

Research has now confirmed how critical therapy can be during the early years of development. During this precious stage, children need to develop in a range of areas such as play skills, social and emotional skills, learning to follow routines, language and gross and fine motor skills.

Toddlers best learn these skills through social interactions, modelling from other children and adults during play based activities. Our staff work in collaboration with parents to provide them with advice on things they can do at home to help promote these skills on a daily basis at home.

‘Watch Me Grow’ Play and Talk

This group is full of creative play, art and craft, songs and movement. It provides a play based therapy model to help promote development of language and cognitive skills.

‘Watch Me Grow’ Kinder Readiness

This groups begins to prepare children for 3 year old kinder. The children being to learn about kinder routines, play with friends and following more complex instructions. They are encouraged to become more independent learners.

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